Tanning course

Tanning course

  • SGD $599.00

2 days course
All equipment  provided

What you will learn

  • Introduction to sunless.
  • The principles of DHA.
  • Why spray tan is a wonderful alternative to sun exposure.
  • The skin types and problems.
  • How to avoid common mistakes.
  • How to customize your service for each client.
  • The essential tips to achieve and to maintain a flawless tan.
  • How to use sunless tanning solutions.
  • How to use a spray tan machine and rock the spray tan gun.
  • The right technique to use to create a natural-looking tan.
  • The fundamentals of marketing.
  • How to stand out and build your clientele.
  • And much more!

What you will receive

  • Bilingual training program.
  • Unlimited access to clear and complete training modules and videos.
  • Drawing exercise.
  • Online test.
  • Comments on your technique after submitting your application video*.
  • Certificate of Completion *.
  • Exclusive discounts on starter kits.
  • 50$ off discount on the digital marketing training program.
  • Access to marketing tools and images.
  • Access to business forms.
  • Ongoing support.

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