STRIP WAX 6tins (1 carton) Strip wax for hair removal

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Strip wax tin for hair removal

Soothes skin and prevents infections.
Reduces redness and prevents irritation.
Leaves skin smooth without sticky residue.

1. Clean the area, ensure it is dry and free of oil or moisturizers.
2. Apply wax thinly in the same direction of hair growth.
3. Place Pink Ribbon strip paper on top.
4. Hold the skin tight and pull off paper in opposite direction.
5. Finish off with Pink Boudoir soothe lotion.

Do not put it into the microwave during heating.
Put in hot water before pouring into wax pot OR invert tin on top of a wax pot.

INGREDIENTS: Peg-3-Dirosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, C.I. 15850 (d&c red 6), C.I. 61565 (d&c green 6), Vitis Vinifera (GRAPE) Fruit Extract

WARNING: Over heating in high temperatures may cause melting of the container, burn, or injury     

Qty in 1 ctn : 6pcs                                                                                                          Ctn dimension: 32x22x15

HS code is 33079000