Waxaway Professional Wax Cartridges Sensitive 100 ml(Qty of 3)

  • SGD $49.00

Ideal for waxing larger areas of the body such as the arms and legs and is fuss free, requiring no spatula for wax application.

The Waxaway Sensitive Skin Formula Cartridge contains a professional quality wax for superb hair removal results. Its gentle, creamy formula reduces redness and irritation, allowing those with sensitive skin to wax with confidence and ease.Waxaway’s professional quality wax cartridges are made exclusively for use with the Waxaway professional Wax Kit, a salon style hair removal system that offers you an expert result in the comfort of your own home. 

Slide the wax cartridge into handpiece.The handpiece with heat the wax to an ideal temperature within 15-20 minutes.The smooth action cartridge roller evenly applies an ideal amount of wax to skin.

Cartridge 100ml x 3