beaded hard wax for hair removal

Jax Wax Lust Titanium Hot / Hard Wax Beads 1kg (Qty of 12)

  • SGD $499.00

This is a traditional strip-less wax in beaded form. It is suitable for use in very delicate areas, particularly on the face, underarms, and intimate areas. It must be heated in a wax warmer and is applied using wooden spatulas.

Used in salons all over the world, Lust has been specifically formulated for Brazilian waxing.

It removes all the hair –the first time –every time. Lust sticks to hair not skin and provides a comfortable waxing experience.

Lust is extremely pliable, pleasantly scented, and can be used at low temperatures. It remains flexible for easier removal.

  • Vegan-friendly wax
  • with titanium dioxide
  • best for Brazilian waxing

hard wax for hair removal