Far-infrared Hand held Panda Lamp

  • SGD $280.00

The FIR Wound Healing Pro. Radiators 
- Provide Purify effective FIR energy.
- Improve blood circulation and energizes cells.
- Accelerate healing
- Prevent wound infection.
- For people with healing problems such as diabetes patients.
- Prevent Eye aging
- Safety 100%
- Alleviate nose clog
- Alleviate stomachache due to indigestion.
Relax energy panda can do partial care, promote partial circulation and self-healing.

Use Relax energy panda every day can keep pretty skin, improve pains, heal wounds and relieve partial pains.

 Relax panda has the same function as a mitochondrial cell. Use Relax energy radiator can relive cells, keep pretty skin, improve immunity, and relieve pains.

 Relax energy panda has a light design, and you can take it to do care when traveling. The light design won’t spend too many spaces, and you will feel Relax energy is with you when traveling just like at home. It has 150W power, but it won’t get burnt. Relax energy panda is the best health care device.

Far-infrared hand lamp

Made in Taiwan