caron olive oil cartridge strip wax for hair removal

Caronlab Olive Oil Cartridge 100ml (Qty of 72)

  • SGD $504.00

The Caron Pure Olive Oil cartridge wax is an oil-based, roll-on solution to eliminating unwanted body hair. This spreadable light-weight wax is an enriching formula that is known for being the economical choice for beauticians due to its powerful grasp that latches onto hair for an effective waxing outcome.

Choose Smooth & Remove Olive Oil if you’re after a natural formulation and you’re an experienced waxer(with Olive Oil made in Australia NOT china quality guaranteed) .

Natural formula to nourish & calm the skin. With soothing Olive Oil.

  •         Dries quickly
  •         Great for speed waxing
  •         Economical with excellent results
  •         For stubborn & coarse hair
  •         Quick & easy glide
  •         Great for clients that previously shaved

Strip wax for hair removal