Brazilian waxing training

Advanced Waxing - Brazilian Waxing

  • SGD $1,800.00

Applicable to Pink Parlour Franchisee only.


Pre-requisite: Basic Waxing

Advanced Brazilian Waxing techniques will be taught to ensure the highest client comfort, and fastest way to perform the Brazilian wax without much pain.

By the end of this course, you will be ale to confidently perform a brazilian wax without hurting your client.

Day 1: 6 hours requires 2 Models 

Day 2: 6 hours requires 2 Models

Includes Advanced Waxing Kit:

2 Professional Wax Pots

24 Hard Wax 1kg

12 Strip Wax 800ml

1 Venetian Spun Lace Roll

1 Pre Wax Cleanser

1 After Wax Oil

1 Wax Remover Citrus Clean

6 Disposable Spatulas (100)