Dream Unscented Deodorizer 5Liters (Qty of 4)

Dream Unscented Deodorizer 5Liters (Qty of 4)

  • SGD $151.00

Our unscented deodorizer uses a special ingredient naturally found in Castor Oil. When sprayed it magically removes not only odors, but also harmful chemicals like TVOC and Formaldehydes. Specially formulated to be use for a wide range of applications like: Carpet, fridge, fabric spray, toilet, pet odors, trash bin, car, shoes, cigarette smell.

Natural Deodorizing Agent

Fragrance Free

Safe for Pets

Anti Bacterial

Spray when necessary

Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Deodorizer from Castor Oil Derivatives, Benzalkonium Chloride (FDA approved item), Preservative