Stainless foot file with refill grits

Stainless Steel Double-sided Foot File + Free 10 Pcs File Refills (Qty of 4)

  • SGD $40.00

Material: Stainless Steel handle+Sandpaper Sandpaper                                    Size:13.5cm*4.3cm(L*W) Total lenght:24.5cm                                                                  Weight:190g

1.Gentle filing action effectively removes hard skin.

2.Helps to soften & smooth the texture of the skin.

3. It is very handy tool to have it for your personal use to use at home or if you are Beauty professional, chiropodist or in pedicure business.

4.Helps Cracked heels, exfoliates and smooth's stubborn callus on feet.


1.Take out use grit from foot file

2.Choose new adhesive grit and put to the file

3.Enjoy new one. 

  • Package Included: 1pc foot file+10piece sandpaper (4 sets )