SG Diagnostic Antigen Rapid Test Kit (ART) For COVID-19 (For Professional Use) 1ctn/416pcs

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Our Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit utilises nanoparticles technology for rapidand accurate identification of viral presence in samples. lt can be easily deployed at various facilities for quick and large-scale screenings.

Why Antigen Test?

-Rapid (less than 15 minutes)

-High accuracy

-100% consistency with PCR test

-No delays from symptom onset

-Room temperature storage

Who Should Do The Test?
People who developed:
-Flu-like symptom

AND want to:
-Avoid hospital
-Hassle-free home testing
-Self administered throat swab test
-Result is available within 15 minutes

Product Specifications:
Catalogue No:
Throat/Nasal/Nasalphyrogeal Swab
Packing Size:
2 Tests/kit
Shelf Life:
18 Months
Storage Condition: 
4 to 30 degree
Test Time:
<15 minutes
Sample Volume:
80 ul
Test Principle:


Packaging Information:

-Test Cassettes (2):A test cassette consistsof test strip. packed individually in sealeddesiccant foil pouch.The test strip consists of absorbent paper, nitrocellulose membrane, sample pad,colloidal gold marker pad and polyvinylchloride pane.
-Disposable Swabs (2): Sterile swabs foruse with test strip
-Sample Eluent (2): O.5mL of phosphatebuffer (0.01M, pH7.4+O.2) with surfactant
-IFU (1)
-lnstruction Card (1)

Instruction Of Use