Marketing Tips: How to Attract More Customers to your Business?

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Growing your business is a huge challenge for business owners. If you want to stand out from the crowd to attract new people into your business without spending too much from your investments, SMM or Social Media Marketing can be your new buddy.  In order to step up your game, you just need these to take note of these two important things; strategy and creativity. Check out these marketing ideas to help you get started!

  1. Define your brand

Your branding is everything. This is how you make your customers feel about your brand. It’s a bit crucial because you have to ensure your brand is consistent across all your content that you will execute on social media and in your physical store. 

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can do a lot of things when it comes to promoting your business; you can promote your page, posts, and of course, your website. When boosting, it will allow you to target by interests, locations, and demographics which make it more specific.  Next, you have to set your budget. And our favorite part? It will automatically generate a report so you can track all the activities of your page visitors

  1. Experiment with Hashtags

 Hashtags make your posts searchable. It is an easy way to reach your audience.

 If your audience is looking for a certain topic, hashtags turn your phrases into clickable links. Some of the popular hashtags are #throwbackthursday, #love #tbt

  1. Welcome New Customers via Emai

Using email marketing to generate new leads is an effective way to market your brand.  A ‘thank you for signing up’ email for your new customers can create a professional vibe and build a stronger relationship with them.


   5. Gift certificates and Promotions

There are a lot of people who are hungry for gift certificates. An effective way to promote your brand is by giving out gift certificates. Make sure they’re eye-catching; you can highlight your discount on your voucher too. Nothing beats the power of word-of-mouth endorsements for it can lead you to your new clients.


6. Establish fruitful partnerships/collaborations

Have you ever heard the word, X-Deals? X Deal is an agreement of two parties where the endorser will use whatever platform he or she is using in promoting the company and in exchange, the company will provide certain goods and services. There is no monetary involvement with this deal.  This is also an ideal way most especially if you are a start-up company. You can partner with different endorsers or celebrities who are willing to do an x-deal.



7. Create engaging content

To stand out from the crowd, you have to make sure that you create engaging content.


Engaging content means that your content is appealing and eye-catching. To make your content more engaging you have to take time to research your target audience, create content that is valuable not only to your business but also to your audience. You also have to learn how to connect and communicate with your viewers. You can provide a solution for your audience. 

For example:

Caption:  “No more ugly quarantine nails once you've got a pampering session with us at SM North or Eastwood branch! Book now:

PS: We offer 7 days free touch up for manicure & pedicure services!

  1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a perfect marketing strategy to drive traffic from the search engine to your website. Most of the consumers trust businesses with websites. Businesses can run various types of Google ads to be on top of the search engine and reach a wider market. Google AdWords also works faster than SEO in generating traffic and potential leads and a high chance of getting the first spot in search.

  1. Publish Blogs

Writing your own blog for your business is one of the things you might want to consider. This can be a plus point for your consumers. There are a lot of topics that you can write about relating to your business. Let’s say if you are into wellness and beauty, then you can write something about this industry, tips on how to establish a business, and of course, highlight the profile of your company.

  1.       Loyalty Program

It is a strategy that encourages your existing customers to do repeat service with your company.  Always remember, loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. You have to build your reputation with your clients. But how will you start your loyalty program? You have to build exciting and irresistible programs for your valued clients. You want to make them feel the need to go back to your salon and no worries, there are different ways on how to create a loyalty program. 

  1. Non-Monetary points

Familiar with Starbucks Rewards?  There are A LOT of people who are pumped into loyalty programs.  Once the customer has the card, they can collect stars on almost everything they buy at Starbucks and those start add up to rewards. 

      2. Tiered Systems

In Tiered programs,  customers can enjoy permanent perks and benefits depending on their ranks, and in order to get to the next level, they have to pass certain requirements and as their rank increases the rewards /benefits can be added and making it more exclusive. Take a look at this sample from the beauty squad

Do You Know What a Tiered Loyalty Program Is? I Bet You are Part of One!

Don’t forget to ask for feedback whether it’s good or bad. Well done if you received a good one while negative feedback can improve the way you handle your company. Yes, there’s nothing wrong in receiving negative feedback from your clients most especially if you are new to your business hence, this will make you stronger. Treat these circumstances as a challenge and not a threat. Don’t be shy to ask your customers because at the end of the day, as the saying goes, “the customers are always right”.

Here's another factor to achieve success in your business. Every business owner should invest in the right equipment to provide advanced and excellent service using modern technology.

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There are a lot of ways on how to build up your brand, it doesn’t have to be expensive as it looks. Just remember these two keywords; strategy and creativity. With the right amount of marketing strategies and best salon supplies you can stay on top of your marketing game.

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