10 Tips to run a successful beauty parlour

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Would you like to have your own beauty salon but just don’t know how? From launch to operations, here are 10 tips for running a successful beauty parlour and body grooming salon.

    1. Brainstorm. If you fail to plan, then plan to fail. Running a beauty parlor, while a fun endeavor, will need proper planning to you ensure you take action and see results of your investment. Hire consultants who know the ins and outs of the industry (such as experts from Pink Parlour), or simply searching the internet for the latest trends and best practices.  Consider downloading an app either on your phone or your computer to facilitate your business plan development.
    2. Find a guru. This is different than hiring a consultant. A guru will “hold your hand” throughout the whole process should you allow him or her to do so. In the best-case scenario, the guru has done this before and is now only interested in providing his or her help to open a beauty parlor rather than opening a new beauty parlor himself or herself. There is no shame in hiring a guru as your administrative prowess will still need to come into play after the guru’s part is done and the parlor is all yours.
    3. Contemplate funding. How will you have enough money to both start the business and then upkeep it until you break even and eventually make a profit? Optimally, you would have a lot of money from other endeavors before you start, but, however, that is not the case with everyone. You might be on a loan from a bank, so make sure that you do not bite much more than you can chew so that what was initially a dream for you does not become a nightmare. The beauty parlor is supposed to be a hub of profitability for you instead of a one-way ticket to the abyss of bankruptcy.
    4. Develop accounting and inventory programs. You need accounting because there is money coming into and out of your beauty parlor. You need to pay attention to inventory because you will be involved with a plethora of tools and equipment to make your beauty parlor stand out, pleasing the masses. Initially, you can just use stock software to aid you in your endeavor. However, as you progress, you might see it more fit for the software to be modified to your liking or, even more luxuriously, new software designed just for you! Sit down with an accountant and an inventory specialist to get the ball rolling with some great ideas.
    5. Find the best location. Many businesses offer mediocre product and services, but they succeed because of their good location. Focus on making your beauty parlor the best that it can be in addition to ensuring that the location will give it all of the attention and customer traffic it really deserves. You can either open next to other beauty parlors to dovetail on their customer traffic—or, you can open far away from potential competitors so that your beauty parlor really stands out, “forcing” the client to come into your facility and eventually liking the high quality that you provide. Pick a neighborhood, run some “forensics”, and make the decision that you think is the best for you.
    6. Keep your clientele in mind. Are you targeting girls? Are you targeting younger women? Are you targeting older women? Are you targeting them all? There is an upside and downside to narrowing down your niche or opening it to the masses. You can be a more specialized service provider to reach a certain demographic, or you can just try to attract as many types of clients as you can. Keep all of this in consideration when designing the environment in which you clients will be receiving your spending services.
    7. Excel in your customer service. Being amazing at providing beauty parlor services is one thing—but excelling at customer service is another. Make sure that every part of the experience is memorable for the client, from the moment they enter the facility and receive a glorious greeting, to the entertainment they will receive while chatting with the aesthetician. Before they leave, try to entice them to come back with an offer or simply a genuine wish that they will do business with you again.
    8. Do not neglect marketing. Simple-minded people think that marketing is only relevant to businesses that are scraping for customers and revenue. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The most successful brands all around the world are continuously promoting their brand, in times of profit and loss. Adhering to a marketing plan will keep your brand relevant and top-of-mind with your target audiences, and it can provide a cushion in case you need an exit strategy. Your marketing efforts are a key tool to generating revenue for daily operations and for the future, so a prudent and consistent approach will prevent you from having business regrets.
    9. Do not set your hopes too high on products. Yes, having products to sell in your beauty parlor will make your business more desirable, but you should treat products as “side bucks” rather than your main source of income. If your services are not on par, it is unlikely that clients will come to your business solely for the products. Focus on a few products that the client will cognitively associate with your business. Sell them tactically as relevant like an up-sell strategy, instead of making them more of a priority than your services.
        1. Closing considerations. Hire staff based on personality. A decent aesthetician that is pleasing and charming will likely do more good than an excellent aesthetician who is downright miserable. You should aim to hire attractive aestheticians (as long as the aestheticians are presentable) and let their personalities carry them to compensate for any potential “deficiencies”. When it comes to marketing, never neglect executing against your plan as the benefits are endless regardless of your profit or loss situation. Constantly examine your business plan so that it caters to modern trends in addition to any dynamics that you might observe in your facility. Finally, try to save as much as possible to escape any “sticky” situations smoothly.

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